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4 Ways You Can Practice Social Distancing at Your Dental Visit


When COVID-19 hit, the world as we knew it changed. Within a matter of weeks, face masks were routine, stay-at-home orders were in place, and trips to the grocery store were a luxury. Perhaps one of the biggest changes was the implementation of social distancing. In fact, the CDC and WHO have reinforced its importance so much so that virtually everywhere you go there are measures in place to make the 6-foot distance a practical reality. If you are wondering how you can practice social distancing at your next dental appointment, your dentist in North Central San Antonio is here to help.


No Handshakes or Hugs

Although your dentist and their team are beyond excited to see you again, their welcome may look a little different in light of the current pandemic. While visits past may have started with a warm handshake or friendly hug, these greetings are not social distancing-friendly or currently recommended by the CDC. However, you can opt for a fun, contactless greeting (like an air high-five or enthusiastic wave) instead.

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms pre-pandemic were known for their sardine-style seating and communal entertainment. Since that environment is not social distancing-friendly, dentists across the U.S. are opting for virtual waiting rooms instead. This allows patients to check-in on their phone and wait in the comfort of their car until the treatment room is ready. That way, the office staff can easily control the foot traffic in and out of the office.

New Appointment Setting Protocol

During the pandemic, dentists are implementing sequenced patient scheduling into their daily operations. While this does mean there will be fewer appointments available each day, it allows:

  • Ample cleaning time between each patient.
  • Family-friendly scheduling, which allows each member of your household to get the treatment they need in one visit.
  • Visits to be structured around the time needed for patients to get multiple services done in one appointment.

Additional Safety Precautions

Social distancing is most effective in tandem with other infection control measures. Therefore, your dentist is implementing additional safety protocols to ensure both their staff and patients can remain safe while at their office. Some of these additional practices include:

  • Providing daily health checks for staff.
  • Using CDC-recommended instrument sterilization.
  • Conducting no-contact temperature checks for patients upon arrival.
  • Practicing extensive handwashing.
  • Offering hand sanitizer to patients before and after their appointment.
  • Wearing additional personal protective equipment (i.e., face shields, disposable gowns, etc.).

Although the transition out of quarantine has begun, the fight against COVID-19 is not yet over. Therefore, your dentist is taking painstaking precautions to make social distancing a practical reality at your next visit. That way, your teeth can get the care you need in a safe, secure environment!

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