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What Are The Most Common Dental Health Problems?

6 Common Dental Health Problems | San Antonio Dentist


Our mouths are living things. However, you should always be on the watch for warning signs that something is wrong with your teeth and be prescient about getting them checked with your dentist in San Antonio. As such, today, we’re going to be looking at some common dental problems and what you should do about treating them.

6 Common Dental Health Problems

Tooth Decay

When plaque, a gummy film formed by bacteria, harms your tooth enamel, you have tooth decay. The bacteria produce acid that decays the enamel and can lead to severe dental problems like cavities, toothaches, and more. If you want to avoid tooth decay, drink less sugary sodas and eat food with high acid content. Brush twice a day, floss, and see your dentist in San Antonio frequently. 

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are a common issue and sign that something is going wrong. Your teeth become exposed when the outer layer of enamel is worn or eaten away by decay, receding gums, worn fillings, and more. The underlying layer (dentin) has tiny tubes that connect to the nerve. When hot or cold foods or beverages travel through the tubes to the tooth nerve, it renders pain. Toothpaste for sensitive teeth can benefit, but your dentist may need a fluoride treatment, crown, gum graft, or root canal in more complex cases.

Receding Gums

There are different reasons for receding gums, but they all need attention. Poor oral hygiene, brushing hard, women’s hormonal changes, high blood pressure, smoking, and even genetics are the reasons for receding gums. No matter what drove them, receded gums can expose the tender root of the tooth and, if left untreated, lead to tooth loss. Our San Antonio dentist recommends treatment based on the cause. Treatment for receding gums may include brushing correctly, thorough teeth cleaning, or in some severe cases, a gum graft or other surgery.

Gum Disease

If you have gingivitis, the less severe form of gum disease that causes gums bleeding, in this case, a good professional oral cleaning will help. Preventing it from coming back is up to you. Brush and floss daily, because if you don’t treat gingivitis it will lead to periodontitis. It can damage the bone and oral tissue that keep your teeth in place.

Bad Breath

Most of us worry about bad breath at some point. Don’t hesitate to ask your San Antonio dentist if you are concerned about your breath. Bad breath can be due to poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, medications, infections, acid reflux, and even cancer, which creates chemicals in the mouth and body that cause bad breath. The treatment of bad breath depends on the individual cause. Your dentist can analyze your case and help you deal with it.

Teeth Grinding & Clenching

If you have teeth-grinding issue at night or clench them during the day, you may be suffering from “bruxism.” If you do it frequently, you can harm your teeth, get jaw pain, or have headaches. Our dentist in San Antonio can identify signs of teeth grinding if your teeth are worn, but you should also tell them about your signs. San Antonio dentist can give you a mouth guard to use at night. If you think it is related to stress or a sleep disorder.

Dental Health Problems Solution In San Antonio

If you have been suffering from dental problems that decrease your confidence, talk with your primary care provider for more guidance. Contact us, we are your San Antonio dentist, offering the best general dentistry services to help you when you need us. Schedule your appointment today.

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