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Everything You Should Know About Dentures

Things To Know About Dentures


You don’t necessarily have to adjust to a life without teeth if you have oral health issues and are in danger of losing your teeth. For those who are experiencing tooth loss, dentures are among the most excellent options. 

How Do Dentures Work?

Your dentist developed them to deal with issues like tooth loss. Full or partial dentures, which can replace all above or below the gum line, are divided into two categories. Whatever dentures you require will be made specifically to match your natural teeth. Schedule a consultation with a dentist to determine which denture option is ideal for you.

There are several possibilities for dentures now that modern dentistry has advanced. The main groups into which your dentist will place your dentures are as follows:

Full Dentures

Dentists use complete sets of dentures for patients who have lost all their teeth or have no healthy teeth left. Both the lower and upper jaws have complete sets available. The lower dentures are more like a U-shape to provide room for the tongue to move freely, while the upper dentures have an entire base that attaches to the roof of the mouth for stability.

Typically, it is best to have any remaining decayed teeth extracted before the whole set of dentures is put in place. Full Dentures promote the general health of your mouth by allowing the gums to recover and stopping any additional bone loss.

Since complete dentures are removable, you may maintain good dental hygiene while wearing them because they are simpler to clean.

Modular Partial Dentures

Patients anticipating a more permanent set of dentures in the future may find that flexible partial dentures offer a quick answer.

Flexible partial dentures are thin, removable prosthetics that cover the natural teeth while replacing a few lost teeth. Another economical choice for dentures, they are easily detachable.

Dental Implant

Since dental implants are a permanent alternative to removable dentures, you cannot remove them. With this technique, the dentist surgically repairs the jaw bone with anchors. After the treatment, the gums need to heal for roughly six months before the whole set of dentures is affixed to the anchors.

Instead of replacing an entire set of teeth, dentists can replace one or two teeth with implants.

Since implant dentures are not removable and require routine brushing and flossing to maintain good oral hygiene, they are the denture option that is most similar to natural teeth.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures could be a solution for people who haven’t lost all of their teeth and don’t have any gum conditions that could cause further tooth loss. Dentists use partial dentures for those who meet with an accident and lose teeth.

A pair of one or two replacement teeth, known as partial dentures, are fastened to the neighboring teeth with the help of metal clasps. Installing dental crowns in the gums is a sophisticated way to fix them, just in case the adjacent teeth are unhealthy and unable to support the replacement tooth.

What Advantages Come With Wearing Dentures?

Several vital advantages of dentures include

  1. They replace multiple missing teeth to improve a smile’s appearance.
  2. Support the mouth’s structure close to the cheekbones and lips.
  3. Restore teeth’s ability to chew so you can keep eating a balanced, regular diet.
  4. Offer a workable alternative for replacing missing teeth to relieve severe pain and health problems.
  5. I am assisting in replacing unattractive and unhealthy teeth with better ones.

Dentists in Antonio

Dentures can help you achieve the appearance and functionality of a robust, appealing smile, regardless of the cause of your tooth loss. Dentures need to be maintained and cared for much as natural teeth do. A set of full or partial dentures should survive for many years if they are taken care of properly. If your jawbone changes or other teeth need an extraction, the dentist will readjust dentures for comfort or fit. Contact a dentist in Antonio for more information about dentures and to find out if they are the correct option for you.

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