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What to Do If Your Dental Crowns in North Central San Antonio Come Off


It happens in an instant. One moment you’re biting into a sandwich at your favorite restaurant and the next you’re feeling terrible tooth pain. As you go to spit out the food, you notice your dental crown fall out with it. At first, you may start to panic and ask yourself many questions. “Why did this happen?” or “Can I put it back in myself?”

One thing is for sure; when your dental crowns in North Central San Antonio fall off, it’s time to visit your dentist. Here’s what you should do first.


What to Do When Your Dental Crown Falls Off

The moment you feel your dental crown come off, do your best to locate it. If it came out after biting food, retrieve it and keep it safe; your dentist may still be able to use it. The last thing you want to do is swallow it, even though your body would pass it fine. It won’t be usable if you swallow it, so do your best to catch it if it becomes unseated.

After you have your crown, schedule an appointment with your dentist in North Central San Antonio right away. They’ll try to schedule you for an emergency appointment as soon as possible. Over the phone, they’ll give additional instructions and help keep you calm.

What Should I Do Before My Visit?

First, head to the drugstore and purchase some dental adhesive or cement. Remember, using this material to reseat your crown is not a permanent solution. This is meant to protect the vulnerable tooth that was underneath your crown.

After cleaning the inside of the crown, make sure that it’s as dry as possible before placing. Use a sterile gauze pad to do this. If you notice pain around the exposed tooth, apply a small amount of clove oil, which you can find in your local supermarket.

After placing it, avoid chewing any hard or sticky food on that side of your mouth until you see your dentist. Depending on the quality of your reseating, you may need to avoid chewing on that side entirely.

What to Expect at Your Visit

Once you arrive, your dentist will examine your crown and the area beneath it. He’ll ask you how the crown fell out and explain how it can happen. Sometimes the cement can lose adhesion or underlying decay forces it off. Either way, he’ll do everything he can to salvage the crown and have it reseated.

If your dentist determines that you need a new crown, you’ll have several options to choose from. You can choose a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, an all-gold crown, or a CEREC same-day crown. CEREC crowns can be produced in a single visit, making them ideal for emergencies.

Have more questions prior to your visit? Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment and get your dental emergency handled!

About the Author

Dr. Brian L. Eck has been practicing comfortable and comprehensive dentistry for 35 years, so he’s seen it all. If you’re dental crowns in North Central San Antonio have fallen off, don’t hesitate to contact him at (210) 361-8905 or visit his website.

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